I am trying to make a graphic in C++ that basically is a smiley face:


But when I build my program, the use of "\" character gives me an error "unknown escape sequence"

Any thoughts? I am going to print the smiley face by printing some special characters.


You might have to escape the backslash itself. Try using \\.


Use "\\" . The backslash is a string command

"\\" --> \
"\n" --> new line
"\t" --> tab


See full list here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6aw8xdf2.aspx


You can also use raw string literals in C++11 that is more convenient:

std::cout << "The output is: " << R"(\_________/)" << std::endl;

that prints for you something like this:

The output is: \_________/

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