Is there a way to efficiently compare two matrices, I was thinking something like

same = abs((A-B)) = 0...
substracting values of one matrix to the other and if they result is 0, they are the same, also there is a isequal() function, What would be the best to compare both matrices?


It seems that ISEQUAL is faster than checking for non-zero elements after subtraction:

>> a = rand(100, 100);
>> b = a;
>> tic; for ii = 1:100000; any(any(a - b)); end; toc;
Elapsed time is 2.089838 seconds.
>> tic; for ii = 1:100000; isequal(a, b); end; toc;
Elapsed time is 1.201815 seconds.

You can simply do isequal(A,B) and it will return 1 if true or 0 if false.


Since you're dealing with floating point, you probably don't want to test for exact equality (depending on your application). Thus, you can just check that

norm(A - B)

is sufficiently small, say < 1e-9, again depending on your application. This is the matrix 2-norm, which will be near zero if A - B is the all zeros matrix or nearly so.

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