Here is my code, this gives me responses when I select start day 2 weeks before the current day but gives me 0 responses for 7 days ago,

Can anyone look into my code and help me out any missing metric/dimension

require 'date'
    require 'google/apis/analyticsreporting_v4'
    require 'googleauth'

    class GoogleAnalyticsControllerController < ApplicationController
      include Google::Apis::AnalyticsreportingV4
      include Google::Auth
      VIEW_ID = "#####" #your profile ID from your Analytics Profile
            SCOPE = 'https://www.googleapis.com/auth/analytics.readonly'
        def index

          @client = AnalyticsReportingService.new

          #Using the "Server to Server auth mechanism as documented at
          @creds = ServiceAccountCredentials.make_creds({:json_key_io => File.open('credentials.json'),
                                                              :scope => SCOPE})
          @client.authorization = @creds

          grr = GetReportsRequest.new
          rr = ReportRequest.new

          rr.view_id = VIEW_ID

          #put a filter which only returns results for the root page

          #We want the number of sessions
          metric = Metric.new
          metric.expression = "ga:pageLoadTime"
          rr.metrics = [metric]

          #We want this for the last 7 days
          range = DateRange.new
          range.start_date = "7daysAgo"
          range.end_date = "yesterday"
          rr.date_ranges = [range]

          grr.report_requests = [rr]

          response = @client.batch_get_reports(grr)
          puts response.inspect
          #puts response.reports.inspect
          response.reports.each do |report|
            puts report.data.inspect
    puts response.reports.first.data.totals.first.values.first.to_i

  • Check the google analytics website and ensure that there is data for those days for this view id. beyond that remember that it takes between 24 - 48 hours for data to be processed. Even if you could see data for yesterday its not going to be accurate. – DaImTo Sep 19 '18 at 11:35

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