I'm downloading a huge file from S3 (around 20 GB) using s3cmd and I wish to pause the download right now and resume it again tomorrow.

I've read about the --continue flag but I don't know about its usage. As in, should the download be ended in a specific way for the --continue flag to be able to resume it later on? Or will the --continue flag be able to resume download no matter how the process was stopped, regardless if it was a keyboard interrupt, accidental shutdown or network error.

Can somebody give an example?

The intended usage is with the get command and version of s3cmd is 2.0.2.


You can use the s3api cli to get the object in parts. Look at the --range and --part-number.

While researching your question I came across something interesting. Ability to download S3 objects over bittorrent. However there are few caveats, the object should be less than 5GB and that it should be public.

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  • +1 for sharing the bittorrent thing. Looks cool! Won't work for my current use case as the object is >5GB. – Zaid Tariq Sep 20 '18 at 12:00

Apparently, simply using the continue flag does the job splendidly. I ended the download by disconnecting the network. And then started again the next day using the --continue flag and it resumed the download from where it had left.

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