I have a normal single file component which has both a computed property and some methods:

export default {
    props: ['matches'],
    data: function() {...}  // No problem with these

    computed: {
        formattedMatches: function () {
            let formatted = [];
            this.matches.forEach(function($match, $i, $arr) {
                formatted[$i] = $match[0];
        return formatted;

    methods: {
        getData: function() {
            return this.formattedMatches();

When I try to access this.formattedMatches() from the method, I get a [Vue warn]: Error in render: "TypeError: this.formattedMatches is not a function" .

What is the correct way to achieve what I want? Thanks in advance.

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    computed property is one property, not one method, so change this.formattedMatches() to this.formattedMatches. – Sphinx Sep 19 '18 at 19:01
  • Thanks, that solved the problem, you're right – andcl Apr 9 at 22:08

You can access computed properties like a property, not like a method:

// correct    

// wrong    

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