I'm working on a website in which I have a folder structure that is organized but creates a long and not "Pretty URL". What I was wondering how would I accomplish a URL Routing/Rewrite from say:


to simply

https://DOMAIN.NAME/FILENAME (no extension)

Is this possible? Would it be .htaccess rewrite or PHP or something else? Also through the same way how would I make it so that if some one types http it will direct them to same URL but with https?

Thanks :)



I'm not sure if I missed type or something but I was able to get the code to work in which was listed on Digital Ocean's blog! I thought I used the same code but must have; like mentioned, typed something wrong or used a completely different code!

The Article

The Code:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^FILENAME$ /resources/views/back-end/FILENAME.php [NC]

Which is basically doing:

  • RewriteRule = The rule statement
  • ^ = Looks/keeps the information before the "NEW" variable
  • FILENAME = The "NEW" variable / or page URI
  • $ = Includes whatever else is in the URL
  • resources/views/back-end/FILENAME.php = The "OLD" variable or current URI / file path
  • [NC] = Allows for the variables to be types in any case types such as "filename", "FILENAME", "FileName", etc.

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