Alert - This question is basically about an approach. So there wont be any working pen or code to share!

I was doing a POC where integrating an RN app into an Android App. I did successfully following this doc. Here is the previews - Page A - Android PagePage B - RN App.
onclick of click to got to RN button,RN activity started and page B get loaded. Upto here all good. Now i am wondering where i can introduce a RN component into page A. for example the button on page A can be RN component ? or How can I open a specific component of my React Native application from an Native Android Activity in Java?
guess I have to check the ReactActivity in react-native repo to see how the a bundle gets rendered to the root view. The only thing that changes in my case is that I don't want to render to root view. Here is files Link1 and Link2
This Q is asked in RN gitbub page - Link - and they redirected to SO. So please share you suggestion or approach


This is really bad idea to combine Native app in Java and React Native app. But it's possible. You can get some code samples from here along with this tutorial

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    Thanks for the answer! i don't think this is a bad idea. Most of the apps out there in the market, like Airbnb, Insta, is a mix of Native and RN and not a pure RN. And your links are about integrating an RN app into Native, but the Q is integrating The Different Components in RN into Android app. – Aravind S Sep 21 '18 at 8:19

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