I am using WIX Installer to install my service. I have configured the installer to install and start the service post installation.

Please find the configuration.

ServiceInstall Id="ABCServiceInstall" Type="ownProcess" Vital="yes" Name="ABCAssignment" DisplayName="Display Assignment" Description="Servie Description." Start="auto" Interactive="no" Account="[ACCOUNT]" Password="[PASSWORD]" ErrorControl="ignore"

ServiceControl Id="ABCAssignmentStart" Start="install" Stop="both" Remove="uninstall" Name="ABCAssignment" Wait="no"

The service get installed and started properly. No issue. However, if I try with the wrong password, It tries to start the service 7 times, (or may be up to that the credentials got locked). It is the same case, even if I put Yes or no for the wait attribute in ServiceControl.

I have default service recovery configuration. No recovery option specified exclusively.

Is there anyway that I can limit the number of tries to start the service.

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