*I used * [1]: https://github.com/IBM/deploy-ibm-cloud-private/blob/master/docs/deploy-vagrant.md to install ICP on my mac.

Does it support also ICP 3.1.0?


As of right now, I believe this tool cannot be used to install ICP 3.1.0 because the relevant icp-inception image has not been added to Docker Hub. When that image is available, the tool might work if you change the version parameter on line 22 in the Vagrantfile.

Even with the correct image, there may be other configuration steps that need to be taken such as changing the k8s_version or the memory requirements, since these have changed in 3.1.0.

EDIT: The image is now available on Docker Hub, but I have not tested configuring the vagrantfile to install 3.1.0 yet.


I used it successfully to install ICP 3.1 on my Linux PC. I just had to set

version = "3.1.0"

in the Vagrantfile.

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