I'm using Selenium server 3.8.1, with the hub and 2 nodes. The hub and each node are executed on different machines.

Currently, I can launch the tests and they're working fine. But, I'm not able to make the headless mode run.

My config JSON only contains the capabilities object.


  "browserName": "chrome",
  "maxInstances": 3,
  "seleniumProtocol": "WebDriver",
  "chromeOptions": {
        "args": [


I launch the selenium nodes using a .bat that contains the following command:

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_181\bin\java" -jar C:\jobs\selenium-node\selenium-server-standalone-3.8.1.jar -role node -hub -port 5558 -nodeConfig config.json  -maxSession 3

The selenium node works fine and appears on the selenium grid UI. Also, the capabilities of the chrome driver include the --headless and other parameters:


capabilities: Capabilities {browserName: chrome, chromeOptions: {args: [--headless, --disable-gpu, --window-size=1920x1080]}, maxInstances: 3, platform: XP, se:CONFIG_UUID: cdc21610-4c47-4d23-9478-a20..., seleniumProtocol: WebDriver}


On the protractor.conf file I have these capabilities, that work when I run the tests locally.

getPageTimeout: 120000,
allScriptsTimeout: 120000,
ignoreUncaughtExceptions: true,
directConnect: false,
framework: 'custom',
frameworkPath: require.resolve('protractor-cucumber-framework'),
capabilities: {
"javascriptEnabled": true,
"acceptSslCerts": true,
"browserName": "chrome",
"chromeOptions": {
    "args": [ "--headless", "--disable-gpu", "--window-size=1920,1080"]

But, when I launch the tests, the chrome driver isn't executed on headless mode. Works fine, but the different windows keep appearing.

Environment details:

  • chromedriver version: 2.36.540470
  • chrome version: 69.0.3497.100
  • What does the error logs says when chromedriver isn't executed and what exactly do you mean by different windows keep appearing? – DebanjanB Sep 20 '18 at 12:27
  • Chromedriver is executed properly, but not in headless mode. The windows of chrome appear as if the capabilities didn't have the --headless mode. – Farmijo Sep 20 '18 at 13:01

As per your question/comment update you are using:

chromedriverVersion: '2.36.540470, chrome version' => '69.0.3497.100'

Your main issue is the incompatibility between the version of the binaries you are using as follows:

  • You are using chromedriver=2.36
  • Release Notes of chromedriver=2.36 clearly mentions the following :

Supports Chrome v63-65

  • You are using chrome=69.0
  • Release Notes of ChromeDriver v2.42 clearly mentions the following :

Supports Chrome v68-70

So there is a clear mismatch between the ChromeDriver v2.36 and the Chrome Browser v69.0


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