My folder structure is:

project → home → testscenario.xml


home is set to be the root folder.
currently the testscenario.xml is in home folder.

If testscenario.xml is in the project folder how can i navigate one level up in express to access this file?

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    What does "home is set to be the root folder." mean? There is no setting in node.js for "root folder", so I don't know what you mean by that. So you mean "home" is the current directory in your app? Or, do you mean it's the module directory? I'd suggest you do console.log(process.cwd()) and console.log(__dirname) from the place you want to read that file and that should then tell us what you can build off of to get the right path to the project directory. – jfriend00 Sep 20 at 16:19
  • yes home is the current directory. both console logs printed the same path in the console – Dinesh Sep 20 at 18:19
  • what exactly did they print? – jfriend00 Sep 20 at 18:51
  • They printed the same path. C:\Users\dinesh\Desktop\project\homeusing /../ before the file name I was able to navigate to project folder data=fs.readFileSync(__dirname+"/../testscenario.xml","utf8"); did the trick. Thanks – Dinesh Sep 20 at 20:59
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"home is set to be the root folder."

I take the meaning of this sentence as Your .js file is under the same directory of testscenario.xml

Now, If testscenario.xml is in the project folder,

using __dirname to handle the path:


  • I figured it out and came here to post the answer. Yes you are right, currently the testscenario.xml is in home folder and I needed it to be in project folder. Using /../ did the trick. Thanks. – Dinesh Sep 20 at 20:51

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