Currently node modules folder in vscode is hidden, I would like to show this folder in VSCode.

Is there any specific setting in vscode to achieve this?

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Explorer View

If node_modules is hidden in your explorer view, then you probably have a pattern that's matching that directory in your settings. Go to settings, search for files.exclude and ensure that you haven't excluded the directory in user settings and/or workspace settings.

Search Results

If you want search results to include node_modules by default, you'll need to remove the pattern from the search.exclude setting. Note that search.exclude inherits all glob patterns from the files.exclude setting.

If you simply want specific searches to include node_modules, but don't want it included by default, there's a gear icon that you can toggle in the search view (go to the search view, toggle the search details using the ... icon, click the gear icon in the "files to exclude" input field).

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    Thanks so much for the response. This is what i was looking for. P)
    – Vivek
    Sep 26, 2018 at 9:16
  • Thanks so much! Super useful! So tired of node_modules showing up in the Explorer
    – Ross
    Feb 12, 2021 at 2:11

To make the other answers more explicit, in order to unhide the node_modules contents for one project only, create a file named .vscode/settings.json in the project folder if it's not there yet and add these settings:

    "files.exclude": {
        "**/node_modules": false
    "search.exclude": {
        "**/node_modules": false

Note that the setting under "search.exclude" is required to re-include these files in the search, otherwise VSCode will inherit the "files.exclude" patterns defined in the user settings, which probably contain a line like "**/node_modules": true.

If you rather wish to unhide node_modules for all projects, open Preferences > Settings, be sure to select the User setting tab rather than the Workspace tab, then go to Text Editor > Files > Exclude and remove the line that contains node_modules.


In mac

Code --> Preferences --> Settings --> Features --> Exclude --> Add Pattern / Remove

  • in Windows: File → Preferences → Settings → Text Editor → Files → Exclude
    – Sahin
    Sep 29, 2021 at 13:08

If you have .vscode folder in your directory then open settings.json file in this folder and replace "**/node_modules": true to "**/node_modules": false.


In addition to the correct answers above you can also use the context menu. If you add node_modules into your directory you can see the folder in your solution.

enter image description here


I had the opposite problem and clicking 'enable' here went back to excluding them. You can toggle this behavior with the settings icon.

![enter image description here]

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