Probably it's a very stupid question, but the part I am working on is so important, so I'd like to check things twice)

Quote from Django documentation about with transaction.atomic():

Atomicity is the defining property of database transactions. atomic allows us to create a block of code within which the atomicity on the database is guaranteed. If the block of code is successfully completed, the changes are committed to the database. If there is an exception, the changes are rolled back. My Guess: And the following code will not be executed, because a regular python Exception raised, right?

For example:

def my_view(request):

    with transaction.atomic():
        # bunch of queries


    return JsonResponse('Done')

Is there a guarantee that api_call() will not be executed if database Exception occur inside transaction.atomic() block? Big thx


That's right. This isn't Django-specific: a database exception is a kind of Exception, and if an Exception is raised in Python (and isn't caught) the subsequent code won't be executed.

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