I am trying to distribute an app for Enterprise, and keep getting this error (after selecting the Provisioning Profile):

enter image description here

Digging into the logs reveal this:

2018-09-21 04:14:07 +0000  /var/folders/xj/stm8l48s1nq9320sfh3ytw140000gn/T/XcodeDistPipeline.IsE/Root/Payload/Fleet UAT.app/Frameworks/AppAuth.framework: replacing existing signature
2018-09-21 04:14:07 +0000  /var/folders/xj/stm8l48s1nq9320sfh3ytw140000gn/T/XcodeDistPipeline.IsE/Root/Payload/Fleet UAT.app/Frameworks/AppAuth.framework: code object is not signed at all
2018-09-21 04:14:07 +0000  /usr/bin/codesign exited with 1

Similar issue happens to all frameworks used by the project. These frameworks were added using Carthage.

This started happening after I upgraded to Xcode 10 & Carthage 0.30.1 (I was using 0.16.x previously).

  • How AppAuth.framework is added into your project? Pods, Carthage, manually?
    – lobstah
    Sep 21 '18 at 6:14
  • @lobstah it was added using Carthage. This happens to all my frameworks, not just AppAuth. Sep 21 '18 at 6:38
  • I am on the verge of figuring it out; will post an answer soon Sep 21 '18 at 6:42
  • Make sure, that your carthage frameworks are Linked not Embedded and you have /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks script with the list of your frameworks which are added using Carthage. Will add an answer
    – lobstah
    Sep 21 '18 at 6:42

When you are adding frameworks using Carthage you need to follow some steps in order to make it work properly. Here is a tutorial: https://www.raywenderlich.com/416-carthage-tutorial-getting-started

In your case make sure, that:

  1. You added your frameworks as Linked (not Embedded)

  2. You have Run script phase in your Build phases: enter image description here

  3. You added paths (Input Files) for all your Carthage frameworks

  • 2
    One more thing: the Run Script phase must be the last one (after Embed Frameworks); I guess the Embed Frameworks phase copies the frameworks over and carthage copy-frameworks strips away simulator slices, so they need to be the right order Sep 21 '18 at 7:00
  • 1
    Instead of carthage copy-frameworks, where you have to specify input/output files, you can also use strip-frameworks.sh from Realm which scans the frameworks folder automatically Sep 21 '18 at 7:01
  • 1
    And this helps me greatly in understanding what the hell was happening Sep 21 '18 at 7:02
  • 2
    Yeah that never worked for me. I always get this error dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/Alamofire.framework/Alamofire (when the app runs) if I don't put them in the Embeded Binaries section Sep 21 '18 at 7:06
  • 1
    that's why you need step 2: Run script: /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks and add all your Carthage frameworks below (as input files)
    – lobstah
    Sep 21 '18 at 7:10

I was able to fix this issue by changing the target's build setting "Build Active Architecture only" to "Yes" then romoving "i386" from the "Valid Architectures". I found my solution here: https://github.com/Carthage/Carthage/issues/1771


remove carthage frameworks from "Link Binary With Libaries" section fix same issue on my project


I had such a problem a few days ago. the The problem is related to your framework,it may be damaged。 you can download or generate a new one。That solves my problem。

  • May not be the same; this happens to all my frameworks Sep 21 '18 at 6:38

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