I have two flat feeds for every user.

The timeline feed is for publicly available user-created content (called posts) that appears in the profile timeline. The log feed is for user actions that don't have to appear on the timeline, but could be aggregated in the news feed (e.g. "User 1 and 10 others commented on this post")

I am currently building a news feed feature. For this I created an aggregated news feed for every user. Every time someone follows a user, his news feed follows the other person's timeline and log.

Here's a sample scenario:

  1. User 2 follows User 1. user_2.news_feed.follow('timeline', 1) AND user_2.news_feed.follow('log', 1)
  2. User 2 follows User 3. user_2.news_feed.follow('timeline', 3) AND user_2.news_feed.follow('log', 3)
  3. User 1 posted on his own timeline user_1.timeline_feed.add_activity({ actor: 'user:1', verb: 'post', object: 'post:1', target: 'user:1' })
  4. User 3 liked User 1's post user_3.log_feed.add_activity({ actor: 'user:3', verb: 'like', object: 'like:1', target: 'post:1' })

In this example, since news:2 follows both timeline:1 and log:3, two different activities that pertain to the same post will be forwarded to news:2.

{ actor: 'user:1', verb: 'post', object: 'post:1', target: 'user:1', post:1 } { actor: 'user:3', verb: 'like', object: 'like:1', target: 'post:1', post:1 }

How do you suggest is the best way to write my aggregation rule.

I am thinking I should aggregate by the custom attribute post which I have added. That way, the post will only appear once in the news feed.

However I wanna be able to generate the summary text similar to Facebooks "User 1 and 10 others commented on this post".

Is there a way to accomplish this using aggregation rules?

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