I want to run this command: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/apigateway/test-invoke-method.html

It requires these two fields, but I can't find any docs and where these are:

aws apigateway test-invoke-method --rest-api-id 1234123412 --resource-id avl5sg8fw8 --http-method GET --path-with-query-string '/'

My API gateway endpoint looks like this:


I only see on unique identifier there - but this command seems to require two IDs. Where do I find them in the API Gateway console?

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Your rest-api-id is the identifier before 'execute-api' in your endpoint URL.

In your example URL:


The rest-api-id is abc123

The resource ID can be obtained with the CLI using the get-resources call and the rest-api-id:

> aws apigateway get-resources --rest-api-id abc123
"items": [
        "id": "xxxx1",
        "parentId": "xxxx0",
        "pathPart": "foo",
        "path": "/foo",
        "resourceMethods": {
            "GET": {}
        "id": "xxxx0",
        "path": "/"

Each one of the records in the items attribute is a resource, and its id attribute is a resource ID you can use in your test-invoke-method in conjunction with a method that is associated with the resource.

Both values are visible at the top of the console when you select one of your endpoints/resources: enter image description here

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    You can obtain a list of all IDs using this command line: aws apigateway get-rest-apis. Note: You can provide additional parameters for the region, etc. Dec 3, 2020 at 2:34

Here is a portion of a bash script that you could use, assuming you have jq installed to parse the json and only one API. It gets the first API ID from the items array, then looks up that Resource ID, then invokes the API using POST:

API_ID=`aws apigateway get-rest-apis | jq -r ".items[0].id"` 
RESOURCE_ID=`aws apigateway get-resources --rest-api-id $API_ID | jq -r ".items[].id"`  
aws apigateway test-invoke-method --rest-api-id $API_ID --resource-id $RESOURCE_ID --http-method POST

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