I am new learner,I know how to calculate number epoch steps from number images in training data from number epoch to be considered while training model,but in my case I am doing images augmentation at time of training model.Already go through stack-overflow question-1 question still not able to figure the solution for my problem what should be epoch steps in case of imageaugmention done on fly?

  • As per my understanding, the number of epochs has nothing to do with image augmentation. Sure, the amount of training data available might influence how many epochs that you want to try out, but I do not think you can get a rule of thumb for the epochs. This applies in general to Machine Learning and not just your problem. Tuning and improving performance of the hyper parameters is more of art and experimentation than science. – Maxim Dsouza Sep 24 at 4:01
  • @gpu This question and its answers might help you. – today Oct 3 at 21:26

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