I have Web Extensions which currently runs on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Now I'm wondering is there a way to use same code to build Safari App Extension, maybe something like PhoneGap(wrap all existing JS code in Safari App Extension project) or there are limitations like tabs handling for javascript and some things just have to be written in native code.



You should be able to reuse Content Scripts from your Web-Extensions (but you need to rewrite code to be able to send/receive messages with "background"). Background script will have to be re-written in Swift or Objective-C.

You need to developp:

  • a Mac Host Application (which will be a companion to the Extension) : Swift or Objective-C (this app must have minimum features to pass Apple review - check the Apple guidelines for Mac Apps)
  • the extension : in Swift or Objective-C + HTML/JS (as for other browsers) The code in Swift (or Obj-C) for the extension is the equivalent of the background page you have in Web Extensions. It will control the toolbar button, life-cycle of the extension and can talk with injected scripts.

You have an (small) example on Apple website : https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safariservices/safari_app_extensions?changes=_2&language=objc

You should not use Extension Builder anymore (accessible from Developer menu in Safari) since this is for legacy (pure JS) extensions only. So you need to get in XCode.

Last thing, but not least... Safari App Extensions, compared to Safari legacy extensions, are "a bit" more limited (for instance, you won’t be able to open the toolbar popup programmatically, just as with Chrome web-extensions actually).


You may refer with this link on how to convert Google Chrome Extension to Firefox or Safari extension.

There is currently a bit of manual work to be done.


After I first wrote this post, I have been aware of two other projects which are very similar.

https://code.google.com/p/adblockforchrome/source/browse/trunk/port.js and


Also, here's the official guide to how to convert Chrome extensions to Firefox add-on using WebExtensions.


If we're talking about a Safari App extension and not a legacy safari extension (deprecated in Safari v12), then my understanding is that the background script needs to be rewritten in swift. Regarding the content scripts, they are still in JS but all the messaging written with chrome API calls must be rewritten using Safari app APIs.


Not all things can be written in Swift. For example, I've tried call dylib from extensionHandler, but was failed.

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