I am attempting to perform a GitHub-style 'push' to my VPS. I have a very large amount of files and directories that I need to transfer; however, akin to pushing in GitHub, I just need the updated files transferred over.

Essentially, I have a web app that creates projects and stores existing data on server sub-directories. I don't want entire directories being replaced – which is why I don't trust the regular FTP client approach.

Would this script suffice (Bash/Shell – Terminal macOS):

mv -u new_update/web_app/* current/web_app
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    Have you tried rsync? – Sianur Sep 24 at 18:05
  • If even a single byte has change, mv -u will move the entire file. On the flip side, if the files are being moved within a single file system, then mv only updates directory entries without actually touching the data of any file. – chepner Sep 24 at 19:11
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    But this is a solved problem; use rsync as suggested by Sianur. – chepner Sep 24 at 19:12

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