I have tried access the data using post man with bearer token and access key please see screenshot. now i wanted to know How to add accesskey in header on a request in pyhon i have already added the bearer token. code

 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer sdfjkdsjfs088gftdd'
        test = requests.get('http://blah.blah/api/1.0/blah', headers=headers)

image 1

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You can add additional items to the header by just adding additional key-value pairs to your headers dictionary:

headers = {
    "Authorization": "Bearer sdfjkdsjfs088gftdd",
    "accesskey": accesskey,  # provided accesskey is defined somewhere 

and then you can make the same request as before:

test = requests.get(url='http://blah.blah/api/1.0/blah', headers=headers)

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