I use Monos with ResponseEntitys in my Webflux controllers in order to manipulate headers and other response info. For example:

fun getOneUser(@PathVariable userId: UserId): Mono<ResponseEntity<UserDto>> {
    return repository.findById(userId)
        .map { ResponseEntity.ok(it) }

fun getAllUsers(): Flux<UserDto> {
    return repository.findAllActive().map(User::asDto)

both works fine but there are cases where it is required to have ResponseEntity in conjunction with Flux as well. What should the response type be? Is it correct to use ResponseEntity<Flux<T>>?

For example:

fun getAllUserOptions(@PathVariable userId: UserId): ??? {
    return repository.findById(userId)
        .flatMapIterable{ it.options }
        .map { OptionDto.from(it) }
        // if findById -> empty Mono then:
        //   return ResponseEntity.notFound().build() ?
        // else:
        //   return the result of `.map { OptionDto.from(it) }` ?

The behaviour I'd like to achieve here is that getAllUserOptions returns 404 if repository.findById(userId) is an empty Mono, otherwise return user.options as Flux.

Update: repository here is ReactiveCrudRepository

Use switchIfEmpty to throw an exception in case the user doesn't exist:

return repository
    .switchIfEmpty(Mono.error(NotFoundException("User not found")))
    .flatMapIterable{ it.options }
    .map { OptionDto.from(it) }

Then with an exception handler translate it to a 404 response.

  • It won't. I'm using ReactiveCrudRepository. – ovnia Sep 25 at 13:45
  • @ovnia Just use swithchIfEmpty. I'll update the answer – jannis Sep 25 at 13:55
  • I don't wanna have an exception here, but 404 Response. It's not an exception, but an indication the resource requested is not there. Building exception handler for such a simple case looks overkill. – ovnia Sep 25 at 17:03
  • This is an exceptional situation - client tries to fetch a subresource of a non-existent resource (precondition for an operation is not met). This solution is the cleanest I know and the only one you'll get at this level AFAIK. Other possible solutions step a bit lower to routing and generic ServerRequest/ServerResponse. – jannis Sep 26 at 8:28

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