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UPDATE: It looks like the link requires a log in, I updated the title.

This is a link for a particular Kaggle data file that I'm trying to download into Python (Google Colab if it makes a difference)

This is the link


Which I got from here


I tried using wget with the following code

!pip install wget
!wget -i https://www.kaggle.com/azathoth42/myanimelist/downloads/UserAnimeList.csv/9

Which didn't seem to work

I then tried

from urllib import request
request.urlretrieve('https://www.kaggle.com/azathoth42/myanimelist/downloads/UserAnimeList.csv/9' , 'download.zip')

The issue I now know is that it requires a log in.


This link shows how to download Kaggle data into colab complete with an example notebook

Using kaggle datasets into Google Colab

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