This is about setting WebRoot/protected/config/main.php *urlManager* on Yii Framework.

I want a few predefined url like /About /Contact or some other custom special page like /LatestUpdates or /HTCDesire

I can do 'Contact'=>'site/contact' to map /Contact to /site/contact

How can I 'hard code' query string to the route?

I try:


but not working, 404 not found because it expect the right side should be route in format controller/action.

I try:


I can browse to /LatestUpdates but the anchor link still shows /update/view/id/65

Is there any other way?


This works for me (except I substituted your values in, so maybe I broke it...):


More about this here and here.


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    +1 for pointing out something very useful that I had no idea about :) – Blizz Mar 10 '11 at 12:16
  • Yeah, great. Its working and you also give the right example. Very ~similar with ASP.NET MVC on most of the MVC way including setting @soap in doccomment for web service ~ setting Attribute on top of the function name in ASP.NET MVC. I don't think so this routing process and the default params are the ~same. Yii ~ ASP.NET MVC. Thanks. – CallMeLaNN Mar 11 '11 at 16:44

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