So to change the generated APK filename inside gradle android I could do something like:

applicationVariants.output.all {
    outputFileName = "the_file_name_that_i_want.apk"

Is there a similar thing for the generated App Bundle file? How can I change the generated App Bundle filename?

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    I am not asking about changing the Generated APK filename! I am asking about changing the generated App Bundle filename! They are not the same. – Archie G. Quiñones Sep 26 '18 at 7:38
  • retracted my close vote and added an answer. – Martin Zeitler Sep 26 '18 at 17:33

As a more generic way to Martin Zeitlers answer the following will listen for added tasks, then insert rename tasks for any bundle* task that gets added.

Just add it to the bottom of your build.gradle file.

Note: It will add more tasks than necessary, but those tasks will be skipped since they don't match any folder. e.g. > Task :app:renameBundleDevelopmentDebugResourcesAab NO-SOURCE

tasks.whenTaskAdded { task ->
    if (task.name.startsWith("bundle")) {
        def renameTaskName = "rename${task.name.capitalize()}Aab"
        def flavor = task.name.substring("bundle".length()).uncapitalize()
        tasks.create(renameTaskName, Copy) {
            def path = "${buildDir}/outputs/bundle/${flavor}/"
            include "app.aab"
            destinationDir file("${buildDir}/outputs/renamedBundle/")
            rename "app.aab", "${flavor}.aab"

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    Hi, I have tried this one but this is not working in my scenario, As i have multiple flavours, can you help what should i do ? – Abdul Momen Khan Feb 25 at 13:49
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    It is not working for me if I use 'Build -> Generate signed Bundle'. But it is working if you build using terminal. (following command 'gradlew :app:bundleFlavor') – Allinone51 Apr 5 at 8:16

You could use something like this:

defaultConfig {
  applicationId "com.test.app"
  versionCode 1
  versionName "1.0"
  setProperty("archivesBaseName", applicationId + "-v" + versionCode + "(" + versionName + ")")
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    This is the only answer that works. – SagiLow Oct 3 '18 at 9:18
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    Is it possible to add the flavour type to the file name as well? – Alexey Timokhin Feb 11 at 11:03
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    does not work too great with flavors and if you need to build multiple ones at the same time. – Andrei Chernyshev Mar 15 at 16:40
  • Nice and simple! Worked for me. – Jonik Sep 17 at 14:06

Meanwhile I've found a better way to do it ...

// it sets task.finalizedBy for :bundle
tasks.whenTaskAdded { task ->
    switch (task.name) {
        case 'bundleDebug':
        case 'bundleRelease':
            task.finalizedBy renameBundle

using an Exec task (still wondering how the syntax of an ant.move task would look alike):

// it finalizes task :bundle
task renameBundle (type: Exec) {

    description "it renames an Android App Bundle"

    def bundlePath = rootProject.getProjectDir().getAbsolutePath() + "/${project.name}/build/outputs/bundle/release/"
    def baseName = getProperty('archivesBaseName')
    def srcFile = "${baseName}.aab"
    def dstFile = "${baseName}_renamed.aab"

    def stdout = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
    def stderr = new ByteArrayOutputStream()

    commandLine "mv", "-v", "${srcFile}", "${dstFile}"
    workingDir = bundlePath
    ignoreExitValue true
    standardOutput stdout
    errorOutput stderr

    doLast {
        if (execResult.getExitValue() == 0) {
            println ":${project.name}:${name} > ${stdout.toString()}"
        } else {
            println ":${project.name}:${name} > ${stderr.toString()}"

This leaves nothing behind - and one can move the file wherever one wants.

  • I am getting a renamed copy of app.aab (leaving two files behind). How do I delete the app.aab? Based on the timestamps, it appears the app.aap is getting generated after the rename, so deleting it in the same rename task does not work. Any help is much appreciated – Scott B Jun 14 at 17:51
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    @ScottB one cannot delete with a Rename task; this would require a futher Delete task, which dependsOn that Copy task (or the Apache Ant integration to move the file). At least this approach does not generate more tasks than required, as the accepted answer does - and it should work better with flavors, because each of them has their own final task-name. – Martin Zeitler Jul 21 at 18:00
  • @ScottB : I have the same problem. Were you able to get the solution for this ? I tried the dependsOn , but it is not deleting the old file. – user1340801 Aug 25 at 9:22
  • it does not read dependsOn and the above Exec task is working. – Martin Zeitler Aug 25 at 13:28

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