We use flow in our frontend project (on react), so all the types are defined i.e.:

type TUser = {
   firstName: string,
   lastName: string,
   age: number,
   birthdate: Date

So every time any type is changed I need to fix unit tests, which is annoying a bit. Maybe there is a npm package or library which can generate fake data for a given flow type?

I.e. something like this:

const user = generateDataForType(TUser);

If not, maybe typescript have something similar? I.e. build data for the given interface.


I am also looking for something like this and the closest I have been able to find is this babel plugin. I haven't tried it yet, but the biggest problem is that is 2 years old, so it probably does not support most of the newest flow capabilities. Let us know if you find something else =D

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