In the Hibernate 6.0 Roadmap ( SQM is mentioned as upcoming.

What is SQM?

In this roadmap the following short words describe it:

SQM integration: Improved performance for SQL generation and execution (smaller SQL, position-based extraction of results rather than name(alias)-based); Unified approach for HQL, JPQL and Criteria queries.

This is all I've found about SQM. Could someone please explain it a little more in detail? What exactly is it, how will it look like when it comes to coding, which benefits will it have?

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SQM is the new entity query parser which addresses both JPQL and Criteria API. The new parser is going to be much more flexible so we provide better SQL translation of entity queries.

From a user perspective, SQM should provide better performance while for Hibernate project developers will bring a better API to handle the entity query parsing logic.

  • Thank you. Could you provide an example for the improvements in the API? I know, that it is still in development - but only to get a rough idea ... – olivmir Oct 1 at 10:02
  • 1
    Sure. Check out the design folder on Steve's 6.0 branch for more details. Once we release 6.0, we'll update the Hibernate documentation as well. – Vlad Mihalcea Oct 1 at 10:42

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