I am attempting to create a custom UIMenuController with a few UIMenuItems. I am implementing this within a UITableViewCell subclass. I attempt to create a custom UIMenuController with the code below. When I tap and hold the table cell only the "Copy" menu item shows up. Menu1 will not show up however. What am I missing?

override func awakeFromNib() {
    self.tableView.delegate = self
    self.tableView.dataSource = self

    let myMenuController: UIMenuController = UIMenuController.shared

    // make menu visible on MenuController
    myMenuController.isMenuVisible = true

    // set the arrow down.
    myMenuController.arrowDirection = UIMenuControllerArrowDirection.down

    // set rect、view
    myMenuController.setTargetRect(CGRect.zero, in: self.tableView)

    // make MenuItems
    let myMenuItem_1: UIMenuItem = UIMenuItem(title: "Menu1", action: #selector(onMenu1(sender:)))
    let myMenuItem_2: UIMenuItem = UIMenuItem(title: "Menu2", action: #selector(onMenu2(sender:)))
    let myMenuItem_3: UIMenuItem = UIMenuItem(title: "Menu3", action: #selector(onMenu3(sender:)))

    // make an array to store MenuItems
    let myMenuItems: NSArray = [myMenuItem_1, myMenuItem_2, myMenuItem_3]

    // add MenuItems to MenuController
    myMenuController.menuItems = myMenuItems as? [UIMenuItem]
    // Initialization code

@objc func onMenu1(sender: UIMenuItem) {
@objc func onMenu2(sender: UIMenuItem) {
@objc func onMenu3(sender: UIMenuItem) {

func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, shouldShowMenuForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> Bool {
    return true
func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, canPerformAction action: Selector, forRowAt indexPath: IndexPath, withSender sender: Any?) -> Bool {
    return action == #selector(onMenu1(sender:)) || action == #selector(copy(_:))
override func becomeFirstResponder() -> Bool {
    return true
override var canBecomeFirstResponder: Bool {
    return true
  • Don't use NSArray (or NSDictionary) in Swift. Use native types. – Ashley Mills Oct 10 '18 at 15:32

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