I am attempting to upgrade an elm application from 0.18 to 0.19.

I am stuck with this error -

Detected errors in 1 module.                                         
-- BAD IMPORT ---------------------------------------- src/Views/Interaction.elm

The `Html.Events` module does not expose `onWithOptions`:

13| import Html.Events exposing (onWithOptions)
These names seem close though:


The documentation shows that onWithOptions should be available.

My code is

module Views.Interaction exposing (onClickNoBubble)

{-| Helper functions for page interactions.

# Helpers

@docs onClickNoBubble


import Html
import Html.Events exposing (onWithOptions)
import Json.Decode as Decode

{-| Replicates the onClick function but prevents bubbling
onClickNoBubble : msg -> Html.Attribute msg
onClickNoBubble message =
    onWithOptions "click" { stopPropagation = True, preventDefault = True } (Decode.succeed message)

How do I move forward?

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Elm 0.19 does not use elm-lang/html. You're reading the wrong documentation. It has been replaced by elm/html which has a custom function that serves the same purpose:

onClickNoBubble : msg -> Html.Attribute msg
onClickNoBubble message =
    Html.Events.custom "click" (Decode.succeed { message = message, stopPropagation = True, preventDefault = True })
  • This works if it is within an element that is not an a. As an a attribute, the Browser.application onUrlRequest acts before I can prevent it. Sep 27, 2018 at 21:54

I made a little helper function to get this to work.

onCustomClick : msg -> Html.Attribute msg
onCustomClick msg =
    custom "click"
            { message = msg
            , stopPropagation = True
            , preventDefault = True

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