It is relatively straight forward to use the Spark Structured Streaming API to perform groupBys and aggregations on streaming data.

For example, I have a streaming data frame, df of IOT telemetry data. I group it by systemId and systemState and perform aggregations to answer questions like "What is the average and stand deviation of measurement x, for system y in state z?" This answer again comes in the form of a streaming data frame-- call it usualDF.

I would like to consider the following: "I see system y is in state z and that measurement x has value v. Is this high or low?"

To answer this, I would like use usualDF to standardize df. A similar desire was expressed and deemed "not possible" in this post. Having already implemented streaming normalization on my own in Python using Pandas, I know that it is possible-- there just isn't an out-of-the-box function in Spark for it yet.

A nice first step would be to join the two data frames. More specifically, we need to take the left outer join of df and usualDF along columns systemId and systemState. The structured streaming API supports left outer joins of streaming data frames, but requires watermarks. I get the following error:

org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Append output mode not supported when there are streaming aggregations on streaming DataFrames/DataSets without watermark;;

Changing output modes yields:

org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Stream-stream outer join between two streaming DataFrame/Datasets is not supported without a watermark in the join keys, or a watermark on the nullable side and an appropriate range condition;;


While df has a timestamp and may be watermarked, usualDF does not, and I don't see a clear way of endowing it with one.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


In the structured streaming guide, they say:

As of Spark 2.3, you cannot use other non-map-like operations before joins. Here >are a few examples of what cannot be used.

Cannot use streaming aggregations before joins.

Cannot use mapGroupsWithState and flatMapGroupsWithState in Update mode before joins."

So my "nice first step" is what is unsupported. I will try to use mapGroupWithState to keep track of means and standard deviation as update here with the code if it works.

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