I have a dataframe df as follows:

| name  | coverage |
| Jason | 25.1     |

I want to convert it to a dictionary. I used the following command in pandas :


The output of dict gave me the following:

{'coverage': {0: 25.1}, 'name': {0: 'Jason'}} 

I do not want the 0 in my output. I believe this is captured because of the column index in my dataframe df. What can I do to eliminate 0 in my output ( I do not want index to be captured.) expected output :

{'coverage': 25.1, 'name': 'Jason'} 

When I see your dataset with 2 columns I see a series and not a dataframe.

Try this: d = df.set_index('name')['coverage'].to_dict() which will convert your dataframe to a series and output that.

However, if your intent is to have more columns and not a common key you could store them in an array instead using 'records'. d = df.to_dict('r'). `

Runnable code:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({
    'name': ['Jason'],
    'coverage': [25.1]



{'name': {0: 'Jason'}, 'coverage': {0: 25.1}}
{'Jason': 25.1}
[{'name': 'Jason', 'coverage': 25.1}]

And one more thing, try to avoid to use variable name dict as it is reserved.

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    great, magic variables.Thank for your answer, it was exactly what I was looking for :) – user528025 Feb 27 at 12:59
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    Awesome..this is the answer I was looking for – Deepak Jun 21 at 8:40
dict1 = df.to_dict('records')


dict2 = df.to_dict('list')

list: keys are column names, values are lists of column data

records: each row becomes a dictionary where key is column name and value is the data in the cell

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