i m trying to pass a record for updation to another page by passing the id of the record and i want to do not show the id in the URL like Update-record.php?id=23

few options like:
1) instead of passing in url post the data.
2) encode while passing through url and decode while updating

  • u mean pass the data through POST method ?? – Safdar Pathan Sep 28 at 5:23
  • yes. passing data POST Method – Suresh Kamrushi Sep 28 at 5:24
  • Update-record.php?id=23 but this is a URL variable how can i post it' – Safdar Pathan Sep 28 at 5:24
  • Have a form in your page and update "id" in that form and then submit using JS – Suresh Kamrushi Sep 28 at 5:37
  • I m sending the information from a table where I have shown the records – Safdar Pathan Sep 28 at 6:38

you can do that

1.using post method

2.use encode your get param

3.use nginx rewrite url to -> update-record/1

If you are using form method="GET" change it to form method = "POST"

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