website: www.e-veloce.com

I don't see logo.

I tried to change src in header.tpl to

<a href="{$base_dir}" title="{$shop_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">
<img class="logo img-responsive" src="https://www.e-veloce.com/presta/img/logo.jpg" alt="{$shop_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{if $logo_image_width} width="{$logo_image_width}"{/if}{if $logo_image_height} height="{$logo_image_height}"{/if}/>

after that, I don't see logo

logo.jpg file is in presta/img/logo.jpg - so it looks good

Any ideas ?

It happens after I made SSL certification.


You have indicated an incorrect path, simply delete /presta/. Based on your code, this should work:

<a href="{$base_dir}" title="{$shop_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">
    <img class="logo img-responsive" src="https://www.e-veloce.com/img/logo.jpg" alt="{$shop_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{if $logo_image_width} width="{$logo_image_width}"{/if}{if $logo_image_height} height="{$logo_image_height}"{/if}/>

Use this:

src="{$base_dir_ssl}img/logo.jpg"; // https://www.e-veloce.com/img/logo.jpg
src="{$base_dir_ssl}presta/img/logo.jpg"; // https://www.e-veloce.com/presta/img/logo.jpg

I found solution. You need to do:

<img class="logo img-responsive" src="img/logo.jpg" alt="Veloce - Chemia od nas, dla Ciebie" width="367" height="54">

so i cut src with https:// only to img/logo.jpg.

Problem is popular, I hope that solution will help someone in future

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