I have a form which uses Angular material form fields. I want to disable the submit button, till all the form controls are filled with appropriate value. (code is given as links in the description)

When i am using material components in template(code), and define controls(code) in components, this is the output. ok


When I implement formsBuilder or forms group in template and in component, the material components won't display properly.

enter image description here


How can I disable/enable submit button only if all the material forms fiields are evaluated to true

Thanks in advance.

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    Using a form group is the best way to detect if a group of form fields are filled out correctly or not. Have you seen this tutorial? c-sharpcorner.com/article/… – jetset Sep 30 at 18:04
  • At the moment you're using a mixture of template driven and reactive forms, so you should settle on one way. – user184994 Sep 30 at 18:12
  • what do you mean by When I implement formsBuilder or forms group, the material components won't display properly? would you mind to elaborate that first.. if you go with formGroup everthing will work as expected – Pankaj Parkar Sep 30 at 18:13
  • @PankajParkar added screenshots for reference. and the code is kept in links of description. – Raj Oct 1 at 4:56
  • @Raj can you check console error when your design breaks? – Pankaj Parkar Oct 1 at 5:07
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You should start by making your fields part of a FormGroup, like so:

group = new FormGroup({
  cNameControl: new FormControl('', [Validators.required, Validators.minLength(3)]),
  cDescControl: new FormControl('', [Validators.required])

You can now point the form tag at your form group:

<form class="example-container" #addCategoryForm="ngForm"  [formGroup]="group">

And point your controls at the FormControls:

<input matInput placeholder="name" formControlName="cNameControl">

Note that there is no [ surrounding formControlName, because we're using a string literal

Finally, change your disabled tag, so that it's disabled if the form is not valid:


With all that combined, it should work.

Here is a StackBlitz demo

  • Thanks for taking out time and looking into this. The solution is working. :thumbsup: But the mat-error is not displaying the error description when validation is evaluated to false. The if condition is giving error. Any idea about this? – Raj Oct 1 at 5:19
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    defining get cNameControl() { return this.categoryGroup.get('cNameControl'); } in component class and defining *ngIf="cNameControl.hasError('minLength')" worked. :-) defining getters in reactive forms – Raj Oct 1 at 5:37

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