I want to extract the .net 4.7 framework prerequisites with my main msı.

But when ı try to install .net installation give an error.

After ı try to install .net framework only.

.net framework installation gives an error

.net framework 4.7 a certificate chain processed but terminated in a root.

How to certificate it with Wix?

         InstallCommand="/q /norestart /ChainingPackage &quot;[WixBundleName]&quot; /log &quot;[NetFx47FullLog].html&quot;"
          RepairCommand="/q /norestart /repair /ChainingPackage &quot;[WixBundleName]&quot; /log &quot;[NetFx47FullLog].html&quot;"
          UninstallCommand="/uninstall /q /norestart /ChainingPackage &quot;[WixBundleName]&quot; /log &quot;[NetFx47FullLog].html&quot;"

          InstallCondition="NetFrameWorkCheckbox = 1"


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I also met the same issue when installing .NET framework 4.7 on the PC with Win 7 sp1 system.

The solution with detailed steps is below can be seen in:



Then the issue will hopefully be resolved.


A solution that worked for .NET Framework 4.8 (and hopefully 4.7 as well):

Your PC may be missing a certificate: For my problem, I needed to import MicRooCerAut2011.crt to console root (windows + R, type "mmc", then press Enter).

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do this (the text is in Indonesian, but the images should make sense anyway) and where to download the certificate file from.

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Update: Recently down-voted. Please let others know what didn't work. I have not looked at this issue for a long time.

Heath Stewart's Blog: I think you will find the explanation here: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority. Essentially some components in Visual Studio 2012 were signed with a SHA256 hash certificate not installed on all Windows versions.

Are you on a virtual? It might not be updated - running Windows Update might fix the whole problem? You need a root certificate update. I would try that before reading the information below. I would assume the problem would be fixed by now via Windows Update, but perhaps not?

You will find links in the above, linked blog. I will just inline a few of the links here (in case the blog disappears):

And a general link just for reference: .NET Framework deployment guide for developers.

  • Thank you but ı already ı added microsoft root certifacete and d3d compiler.dll.Now it works good. Oct 2, 2018 at 10:41
  • Not sure I understand, you got it working some other way? Oct 2, 2018 at 13:48

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