I want to have a composite component with a facet in it, which I implement in my "implementation" of this composite component. My problem are ids, because when I only define in my composite component and then with put my implementation in it, it only renders it but the component is in another place. Here is a sample code:


 <composite:renderFacet name="myFacet">


 <f:facet name="myFacet">
  this code is rendered but the "component" which I define here is not placed 
  logically in the place where I defined the "renderFacet". 

What can I do about this? With composite:insertFacet it doesn't render anything. I need to have the component also there because I need to know the client id of it.


Just to clarify:

Did you specify <cc:facet name="myFacet"> within the interface of the component?

Furthermore what exactly do you mean with in another place?

Some tips:

  • renderFacet is correct, insertFacet is for facets defined within the composite itself.
  • Try adding "<!-- -->" as the first line of content of your facet, this suppose to be a workaround for a bug regarding single line facet content.

I got it working. The problem was I had to figure out the clientId of the facet inserted and I didn't know that each composite-component makes it own NamingContainer.

I had something like that: "myComposition2.xhtml" ...


and the resulting clientId was: myC2:myC1:

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