I have my Android app installed on my rooted phone. Using adb shell command, I have launched a main(String[]) method inside a Class within that Applications package, giving the process uid 0 (root permissions).

I have used adb shell "su -c 'CLASSPATH=/data/app/my.package.name/base.apk /system/bin/app_process32 /system/bin my.package.name.Main'"

To launch Main Class within my.package.name package.

However, all of the methods that I need the root permissions for require applications activity running, as this command does not launch the application, but instead, launches the main method inside the given class.

I could use the mentioned command to launch main() method within my MainActivity, but OnCreate() is not called this way and i cannot call it from static context. Making OnCreate() static is not an option either.

My question is, how do I launch the MainActivity to fire-off the OnCreate() method from main() method, preferably retaining the uid 0 for the process?

I am trying to make a black-box auto-test application and I need these permissions to inject events into third party apps.

  • use adb shell am start ... - more here – pskink Oct 1 at 11:35
  • The new process started this way will not have 'uid 0' – Valera Purikov Vovan Valodzia Oct 1 at 11:37
  • there is also run-as command - never tried it but heard that you can use it for UID switching – pskink Oct 1 at 11:38
  • btw i checked the link: "more here" and there is --user switch – pskink Oct 1 at 11:41
  • am start cannot be used to start application as root user. To be sure, i just tried it. I am asking how to start MainActivity from main() method, retaining uid 0 – Valera Purikov Vovan Valodzia Oct 1 at 11:54

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