CAPL - Vector.

I receive message ID 0x110 which holds current information:

0x3E6978D5 -> 0.228

Currently I can read the data and save into Enviroment Variable to show in Panel using:

putValue(slow_current, this.long(4));

But I don't know how to convert the HEX 4 bytes into float variable, since I cannot use address or casting (float* x = (float *)&vBuffer;)

How to make this conversion in CAPL script? Thanks.

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    Can't you just add a DBC that contains the information that those bytes are supposed to represent a float? That would save you from doing the conversion yourself. – M. Spiller Oct 2 '18 at 10:10
  • Just a thought, if you use CANoe 10 or greater, you have a basic feature called Symbol Mapping in Environment tab, where you can permanently link a corelation between signals and sysvars. But since your message doesn't seem to have a signal mapping, you have to define a signal for that entire 8 byte payload, so you can reference to it in the Symbol Mapping window. – VioletVynil Oct 2 '18 at 12:13

Typically your dbc-file shall contain conversion info from raw value (in your case 4B long) to physical value in form of factor and offset definition:

dbc-file editor++ screenshot

So your physical value of current shall be calculated as follows: phys_val = (raw_value * factor) + offset

Note: if you define negative offset then you actually subtracting it in equation above.

But it seems you don't have dbc-file so you need to figure out factor and offset by yourself (if you have 2 example raw values and know their physical equivalent then it shall be as easy as finding linear equation parameters -> y = ax + b).

CAPL shall look like this:


    float current_phys;
    /* adjust below values to your needs */
    float factor = 0.001 
    dword offset = -1000
on message 0x110
    current_phys = (this.long(4) * factor) + offset;

Alternate solution if you don't want to force transform the value:

  1. You define a sysvar type float(double) and use that sysvar in the panel (link to it), instead of the envVar
  2. or you change the type of envVar to float(double).

enter image description here The translation into float will be done automatically

New Sysvar addition interface.

Caveat: usually this trick requires that the input number is also 8 bytes as the defined CAPL float range 8 bytes. But you have this by message payload length constraint= 8bytes.


Does not look good, but works:

received msg: 0x3E6978D5


float4byte = 0.23


i just reused Vinícius Oliveira solution to avoid creating environment variable. it worked

float floatvalue;
floatvalue = interpretAsFloat(HexValue);

input (HexValue) = 0x3fe20e3a output(floatvalue() = 1.76606

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