From my servlet I call the method:

getServletContext().log("Può chiedermi il saldo");

But in Tomcat 8.5 log file (/tomcat/logs/localhost.yyyy-mm-dd.log) I obtain the text with wrong encoding:

 Pu? chiedermi il saldo

Anyone knows how to set logs charset to ISO-8859-1?


See documentation.

The encoding used by org.apache.juli.FileHandler or AsyncFileHandler (that writes the file) is configured by its .encoding property. The configuration properties are listed in Javadoc for the class.

I usually explicitly configure it to use UTF-8

  • Thanks it works! Just a note for beginners like me... add the property to the logging.properties file placed in $CATALINA_BASE/conf
    – mengoni
    Oct 15 '18 at 11:34

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