On a Category model I created, I have the following relation:

"type": "hasMany", 
"model": "Subscription" 
"foreignKey": "",
   "options": { "nestRemoting": true } } }

How could I get the Count() result when running:

  {include: {relation: 'subscriptions', scope: {type: 'count'}}})
  .subscribe((data: any[]) => { this.categories = data };

I would like to count the number of subscription when getting the categories belonging to the user, in the same observable().

Like show above, I tried with the scope of type 'count'. nothing comes.

Thanks for any help.


As an answer: Loopback provides the 'include' filter to be able to retrieve related models. As a consequence an Observable is retrieved. It does contain the relationship. Getting the Count() is as simple as writing {{category.subscriptions.length}}in the HTML.

Hope this helps.

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