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I am quite new at Eclipse and I wanted to add some files to a project I am coding.

I am using Eclipse photon on a mac 10.13.6.

I added myfile.h in myfolder that is in the project. Then I added the path of myfile.h in Properties > C/C++ General > Paths and symbols in all languages and configurations.

When I am in my main.cpp where there is my #include "myfile.h", eclipse is able to find the path when I ctrl-click on it but when I build I have the following error:

fatal error: "myfile.h" not found

I also tried to add the path Properties > C/C++ build > settings but it doesn't change anything.

I also refreshed and re-builded the indexes many times and I am not able to find a way to fix it.

This topic has already been covered in different questions, however none of the solutions explained worked for me.

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  • "myfile.h" would be used if the source file and header are in the same folder. If you have defined it in the build path, use <myfile.h>. – Susmit Agrawal Oct 1 '18 at 16:23
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    Almost certainly a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/q/15935207/1531971 (among so many others) – user1531971 Oct 1 '18 at 16:37

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