We have a kiosk application running on custom Windows CE 5 devices (that are no longer maintained by the supplier).

We run a web application in the Internet Explorer on the device. This application uses a custom ActiveX control for some operations (like printing a PCL string on a USB connected printer).

We now had to use a different printer model. The new printer works, but we get a nasty popup, that complains about an unknown USB device in the middle of the screen every time we connect or power up the printer. You don't need to enter anything in the popup, the printer works.

This no problem when the printer is started together with the device, because the IE is started later and overlays the popup.

But it is a problem when the printer is (re)started later. Customers get confused by the popup (instead of just touching another part of the UI to bring it in the background).

My questions (Unknown USB device on Windows CE) on how to silence the popup where not successful (and no, I don't want to write a Windows CE printer driver just to remove the message box.

So I thought we might bring the IE to foreground every few seconds and wrote a small ActiveX function that is called from a timer in the web app.

STDMETHODIMP CEFTLink::makeForegroundWindow(void)
    HWND windowHandle;
    return S_OK;


function StayForeground() { 
    window.setTimeout(StayForeground, 20000);

But this code does not reach it's goal. Why?

  • Where is your code failing? is GetActiveWindow returning a not NULL value? – salvolds Oct 8 '18 at 12:33

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