I Installed Freeradius Service, MySQL and Imported freeradius's Database Schema to Mysql

I Configured Mikrotik to FreeRadius

I created User and Password into MySQL and I have Captive Portal Design

Now Everything is Okay.

Users can Login only by one click as a free access user.

How to configure Auto Login feature, not to ask users to click on the login button on second time .


To Solve it , I created a Script . when user connect to the network there is a script running to check if this is a new user , so i will save the coming data from mikrotik Like ( Mac Address ) to File .

If this is not a new user , i will connect him to the network directly .


You have to modify the authorize section in radius config file and create a query to identify "whitelist" MAC, then, if found, change the Auth-Type to accept.

well documented on freeradius forum

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