So I've been asked by a bunch of reviewers to order by on columns that I'm joining on. Does anyone know why ?

from table1 a
join table2 b on b.column1=a.column1 and b.column4=a.column4
order by a.column1,a.column4
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    You would have to ask them. The order by should be used to return a result set ordered how you want it. I can't think of any other reason. – Gordon Linoff Oct 2 at 18:24
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    Maybe they ment order by columns you're Selecting? Some databases don't allow sorting by a column which is not in the Select list. – dnoeth Oct 2 at 18:29
  • yeah. Maybe I'll just check with them. @dnoeth Vertica allows order by on column not in the select statement – bintelligent Oct 2 at 18:56

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