I am getting below error while using jest to test. I'm using a non es6 npm package here. The issue happens when I do not want to do any wildcard * imports. I wanted to do explicit imports.


import sha256 from "crypto-js/sha256";

export const GetHashToken = (value) => {
 return sha256(value);


import { GetHashToken, GetUtcTimeStamp } from 

describe("Get hash token utility", () => {
  it("Should return sha-256 hex digit string for given value", () => {
    const paramValue = "78436783465sears121212";   

Getting error:

●  Get hash token utility › Should return sha-256 hex digit string for 
   given value

TypeError: sha256_1.default is not a function

I'm using react-typescript for my project. Any help is appreciated.


  • Just FYI: Everything works fine when I do something like: import * as sha256 from "crypto-js" Oct 3, 2018 at 0:37

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This syntax worked for me

import * as sha256 from 'crypto-js/sha256';

I assume the crypto-js/sha256 module exports the sha256 function via a CommonJS-style export assignment (module.exports = sha256). To import it, you either need to use TypeScript's special import assignment syntax:

import sha256 = require("crypto-js/sha256");

or enable the esModuleInterop compiler option that provides interoperability between default imports and export assignments.

  • Thanks Matt. I got it to work using createHash from @types/node instead of crypto-js/sha256. Oct 4, 2018 at 5:53

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