In order to add custom attributes to my injected js and css files, I disabled the automatic injection of the html-webpack-plugin and now use the template variables in my index html as follow:


module.exports = {
    chainWebpack: config => {
            .tap(args => {
                args[0].inject = false
                return args


<% for (key in htmlWebpackPlugin.files.css) { %><%
      if (htmlWebpackPlugin.files.cssIntegrity) { %>
      href="<%= htmlWebpackPlugin.files.css[key] %>"
      integrity="<%= htmlWebpackPlugin.files.cssIntegrity[key] %>"
      crossorigin="<%= webpackConfig.output.crossOriginLoading %>" inline/><%
      } else { %>
    <link href="<%= htmlWebpackPlugin.files.css[key] %>" rel="stylesheet" inline/><%
      } %><%
    } %>

'inline' being the custom attribute

This works like a charm at build !

However though, I also use the vue-pwa-plugin which injects meta tags in my html .

This only works if I don't use the vue-config written above.

So I assume I should be able to write some template variables in my html to inject those meta tags. Yet, I can't find them in my htmlWebpackPlugin object.


        "publicPath": "/", 
        "chunks": { 
            "chunk-vendors": { 
                "size": 336283, 
                "entry": "/js/chunk-vendors.179bd184.js", 
                "hash": "ab293cabd5730c80c6f5", 
                "css": [] 
            "app": { 
                "size": 36497, 
                "entry": "/js/app.0c33fe82.js", 
                "hash": "35e8bb77b896ceb1026b", 
                "css": ["/css/app.23b3a9ad.css"] 
        "js": [
        "css": [
    "options": { 
        "template": "path\\to\\index.html", 
        "filename": "index.html", 
        "hash": false, 
        "inject": false, 
        "compile": true, 
        "favicon": false, 
        "minify": { 
            "removeComments": true, 
            "collapseWhitespace": true, 
            "removeAttributeQuotes": true, 
            "collapseBooleanAttributes": true, 
            "removeScriptTypeAttributes": true 
        "cache": true, 
        "showErrors": true, 
        "chunks": "all", 
        "excludeChunks": [], 
        "chunksSortMode": "auto", 
        "meta": { }, 
        "title": "Webpack App", 
        "xhtml": false 

Are they located in another object I don't know about ? Or should I adapt my vue-config.js in some way for the plug-in to still inject those pwa meta tags ?

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