I can run the app in the browser after clearing data, but if I then add it to the homescreen and attempt to relaunch from there, I get a plain page giving the following error:

Safari cannot open the page. The error was: "FetchEvent.respondWith received an error: Returned response is null."

Subsequent launches in the browser then also give that error. I have to again 'clear data' in the browser to get it to work again.

I'm using Workbox v3.6.2 (the latest, at the time of writing), and my iPhone is running iOS 12.

This looks suspicious, but it's a bit over my head (well, the workaround is anyway). It makes me want to try to down grade to iOS11.X again, and/or install Technology Preview 59.

I have this same problems. On iOS 12.0.0 work properly but after updating to version 12.0.1 I have this same error like you. I have test this same application but on two different devices (iPhone) with two different version of iOS.

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