I want to trim a string after a specific word. Please check what I am doing:

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$rest = substr($str, 0, strpos($str, 'in'));

Here I am expecting output: -chapter2.php

But nothing work.

I want to trim after "in", I also tries


// Working but the string is dynamic so I have to trim after "in". So its failed.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.


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You can find words and insert its position in substr function

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$separator = 'in';
$pos = strpos($str, $separator) + strlen($separator);
$rest = substr($str, $pos);

Try this one

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
echo $str = substr($str, strpos($str, 'in-')+3);

output you can check here


if you are sure that the string has only one -in- then you can you explode() the string. and take the last element using array_pop() or end().

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$res = explode('-in-', $str);
$res = array_pop($res);
echo $res;


Will this work for you?

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$rest = end(explode('-in', $str));
$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$rest = substr($str, strpos($str, 'in')+2);

I usually avoid regex as much as possible but in this case I believe regex is the best option since it will not fail if the word "in" is missing in the string as the other solutions do.
The regex will grab anything that is after the $find and save it to the $match array.

$str = "kids-story-in-chaper2.php";
$find = "in";
preg_match("/". preg_quote($find) . "(.*)/", $str, $match);
if(isset($match[1])) echo $match[1];


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