I am working with Xamarin Forms and ReactiveUI and trying to bind a custom command from a custom XF control to my view model.

this.BindCommand(ViewModel, vm => vm.HasChangesCommand, view => view.socket1);

My control socket1 has a Dependency Property Command of type ICommand. However, I'm getting the error:

"System.Exception: Couldn't find a Command Binder for [ControlName]"

I think I have to create a Command Binder for my control but I can't find any hint on how to do this.
Is there any documentation on how to create a Command Binder for a custom control on Xamarin Forms?

EDIT: I've seen that adding third parameter "eventName" it's working. However I would like to know if there's any way to build that Command Binder so you don't need to specify the event in that call.

  • What if you do view.socket1.Command? – Colt Bauman Oct 4 '18 at 12:52
  • To create "Command Binder" it looks like you have to implement this interface: ICreatesCommandBinding – Daniel Vistisen Oct 4 '18 at 13:06

If you want to be able to use BindCommand with a custom view, the easiest way is to have a property of type ICommand on the view that is named Command. Doing a OneWayBind as Daniel suggested is also easy, though it's also easy to forget to do that when you're used to using BindCommand for command bindings.

If you want to use anything else (an event, gesture recognizer, etc...), you can create an implementation of ICreatesCommandBinding that defines how the command is wired up to the target object. So you can do something like the following:

public class SocketControl : ContentView
    public static readonly BindableProperty MyCustomCommandProperty = BindableProperty.Create(

    public ICommand MyCustomCommand
        get => (ICommand)GetValue(MyCustomCommandProperty);
        set => SetValue(MyCustomCommandProperty, value);


public sealed class SocketControlCommandBinder : ICreatesCommandBinding
    public IDisposable BindCommandToObject(ICommand command, object target, IObservable<object> commandParameter)
        var socket = (SocketControl)target;

        // get the original value so we can restore it when the binding is disposed...
        var originalValue = socket.GetValue(SocketControl.MyCustomCommandProperty);
        var disposable = Disposable.Create(() => socket.SetValue(SocketControl.MyCustomCommandProperty, originalValue));

        // set the control's command to the view-model's command
        socket.SetValue(SocketControl.MyCustomCommandProperty, command);

        return disposable;

    public IDisposable BindCommandToObject<TEventArgs>(ICommand command, object target, IObservable<object> commandParameter, string eventName)
        /// not shown here ...
        return Disposable.Empty;

    /// <summary>
    /// Returns a positive integer when this class supports BindCommandToObject for this
    /// particular Type. If the method isn't supported at all, return a non-positive integer.
    /// When multiple implementations return a positive value, the host will use the one which
    /// returns the highest value. When in doubt, return '2' or '0'
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="type">The type to query for.</param>
    /// <param name="hasEventTarget">If true, the host intends to use a custom event target.</param>
    /// <returns>A positive integer if BCTO is supported, zero or a negative value otherwise</returns>
    public int GetAffinityForObject(Type type, bool hasEventTarget)
        return type.GetTypeInfo().IsAssignableFrom(typeof(SocketControl).GetTypeInfo()) ? 2 : 0;

Once you have the command binder created, you need to register it so ReactiveUI knows how to use it. In your app.xaml.cs (or wherever you create your application):

    () => new SocketControlCommandBinder(),

One way to solve this is to do a OneWayBind to the command instead. Your control should then handle the command. Setting enabled if needed and execute command when needed.

this.OneWayBind(ViewModel, vm => vm.HasChangesCommand, view => view.socket1.CommandName);

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