I have the following

CASE WHEN S.name = 'Stack'   THEN E.Price 
     WHEN M.Type = 'Pricing' THEN V.value * V.Rate 
END AS "Price"

However I am getting duplicate records even though I start my full sql statement with a select distinct

It seems like the distinct for my sql statement isnt giving a distinct for above part? I dont want to exclude <null> from the price column either.

sample data:

| Currency |      Type              | Price  |
| USD      | stack                  | <null> |
| USD      | stack                  | 236.34 |
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    Edit your question and provide sample data and desired results. – Gordon Linoff Oct 4 at 15:39
  • I agree - provide sample data and results. But a general note - distinct doesn't do what you think if you're selecting non-distinct data. You'll probably need a sub query from which you select distinct. – Hatt Oct 4 at 15:44
  • it is hard to understand your question without any sample data / result. Just imagine you are trying to answer a similar question by another user, and you will understand how difficult it is to answer a question out of void (i.e. no evidence, non repeatable) – jyao Oct 4 at 15:44
  • Updated. I can't jsut get rid of <null> . Because I have other data where <null> is expected. I only need to get rid of it where Type is the same. – excelguy Oct 4 at 19:40

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