I want to convert a mutable map to Any object. For example:

    Val map = mutableMapOf("name" to "michael", "age" to "12")

Var user = map.toObject //Any Object i want

And :

Print((user as User).name)
//output michael
Print((user as User).age)
//output 12

Class User(val name, val age){


because I am creating a generic function. by what way do this?


You can do this with Gson, by serializing the map to json, and then deserializing the json to any object. Conversion in both directions shown here:

val gson = Gson()

//convert a map to a data class
inline fun <reified T> Map<String, Any>.toDataClass(): T {
    return convert()

//convert a data class to a map
fun <T> T.serializeToMap(): Map<String, Any> {
    return convert()

//convert an object of type I to type O
inline fun <I, reified O> I.convert(): O {
    val json = gson.toJson(this)
    return gson.fromJson(json, object : TypeToken<O>() {}.type)

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